About Vince Arter, Jr.

(And VinceArter.com)

Sketch of my face!

This site is... uhm... something. No really it is! It's a conglomeration of things. I've had this site and domain for going on over 17 years or so (in one form or the other) but not much has happened to it. The site was originally DaDen.com (TheDen.com was taken years ago so DaDen.com was the closest I could get!) Shortly after that I succumbed to the trend to have my name as my domain. DaDen.com will still be around (it's too much of a pain to get rid of) but I've been primarily using VinceArter.com for many years... both will go to the same site... this one.

In the past the site has been a simple sharing point for students who took classes at the Community College were I taught part time. It has also been a point for sharing ideas amongst friends and developers. It has been a place to share pictures. It has been a place to share code.

Over the years it has come and gone, seen many approaches to its layout and code. Over the past few years or more it has been here to stay but with little content. You'll see stuff from development ideas and projects I am working on as well as some of my personal study of music, computer science, and the Bible.

I have removed so much stuff (especially the developer forums, other discussion groups, etc.) since there are so many other good ones on the web these days. I hate too much duplication so I'm removing that stuff.

A special thanks to my wife, Elaine (http://www.arterproperties.com), for supporting my efforts with the site and for helping to sponsor the provider that the site is hosted on.

Thanks for stopping by and look for more content in the coming months!

Vince Arter, Jr. - 29-Aug-2013 (Original post circa 2007)