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On December 22, 2013 my dad's church held a 70th birthday party for him. After the party we decided to jam on some old songs a bit. Most of the songs have my dad, Vince Arter, Sr., on guitar, me (Vince Arter, Jr.) on bass, and Scott Biondo (our cousin) on drums. On some (I think most) Norma Wagner can be heard playing some rythem guitar in the background (for instance Misty), and in later songs (I'm not sure which) Scott's dad (Marty Biondo) can be heard on drums. Also Scott played rythem guitar on a few.

My dad and Scott play together all of the time at their church, The Christian Fellowship Church in St. Charles. I've only played with Scott a few times and it has been AGES since I've played any of these songs. Some came out great and some... well they were still fun!

Realize this was recorded using the FourTrack app on an iPhone 5S. Yeah... just my iPhone 5S sitting on the counter next to us using it's standard microphone. Not bad!

Anyway enjoy... it was a BLAST... I hope to do that again really soon.


These were the best songs of the bunch (in my opinion). Opinions may vary! Oh man... "Sleepwalk" and "Misty". Two of my all time favs and man did they sound good. Be sure to check out The V1 Blues (or "It's All About Me" - and inside joke song dad just improvised.

Title Player
It's All About Me - The V1 Blues
Kansas City
A Fine Beautician
Riding Along in My Automobile
White Christmas

Pretty Good

These are songs that we (well I) had a few "mistakes" on but are still pretty good. :-) I also put some nicer ones but that are short here. There were quite a few we just picked around on and didn't do full songs. "Long Train Running" and "Something I Got" are my favorites here. Dad's guitar in "Somtehing I Got" is so cool.

Title Player
I Think I'm Going Out of My Head
Long Train Running
Johnny B. Goode
Something I Got
Oh Happy Day
Make the World Go Away
Folsom Prison Blues
I Walk the Line
The Midnight Hour
Polkan Around
When the Saints Go Marching In
Hello Stranger
Pretty Chords 1
Pretty Chords 2

OK and So-So

These songs were really short snippets or where we just didn't click as much. Some pretty fun playing around on some of these still. :-)

Title Player
Blue Moon
Blue Suede Shoes
Happy Trails
I'll Fly Away / When the Roll
I'm Walking
Primrose Lane
Proud Mary (sort of)
Sentamental Journey
Sweet Caroline
That's All
You're Sixteen
Yackity Sax (or Guitar???)
You Talk Too Much